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Network Design

At Yakkaservices, we prioritize understanding our client’s current network infrastructure and requirements. Our dedicated team works with each client and helps them in solving the complexity of building an appropriate IT infrastructure that meets your goal.

Network Design

Initial Detail

We understand the importance of providing initial detail feeding to our clients before implementation and helping them make informed decisions with our IT solutions.


Our customer-centric approach involves a thorough review of initial designs, offering expert guidance on the latest design, and the associated risks. By empowering customers with knowledge and expertise, we enable them to make informed decisions with overall satisfaction.


For a successful network implementation, clients should have a better understanding of the organization’s business and technical requirements. By doing so, they can enhance communication and ensure that the network meets the organization’s needs.

Business Benefits

Emerging Technology
Correlate the emerging technology with business needs.
 New Ideas
Building new ideas fore-seeing the future needs of an IT infrastructure.
Service Details
Investigating and choosing new products and technology.
Checking the availability of products.
Clearing the existing discrepancies in structure.
Integrating software into IT infrastructure.

Why US ?


We have skilled network engineers with a single point of responsibility to build robust and tailored site infrastructure.


Our electrical and civil building codes strictly adhere to the best industry practices.


Our documentation provided detailed guidance and support to installation and integration experts.


We collaborate with clients to create new or optimize existing plans to ensure efficient resource utilization.

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