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Infrastructure Management Services

Optimize your operations with comprehensive IT infrastructure management services and elevate your business effortlessly with our expert solutions.

Custom Managed Infrastructure Services for Your Business

Are you looking for a managed IT service provider to support you in managing your enterprise, medium, or small-sized IT infrastructure? Our custom end-to-end managed service allows you to focus on your business while we handle the IT environment seamlessly.

Our highly skilled professionals use the latest technology and best practices to ensure a secure and scalable IT environment. We understand every business has unique IT requirements, and we offer a custom-fit solution tailored to meet specific needs.

Our expert team collaborates to develop a customized strategic plan for delivering reliable and efficiently managed IT services that meet industry standards. We ensure that your IT infrastructure runs smoothly and efficiently, empowering your business.

Yakkaservices supports businesses with our unique solution for your IT infrastructure with monitoring and support services. Delegate your IT infrastructure management to us and experience a hassle-free business experience.

Managed Server Services

Utilize your Server's Full Potential

Maximize your server’s potential with our server optimization services. Our solutions would you’re your businesses to improve your computing technology and ensure maximum efficiency.

Supporting Businesses of All Scales

At yakkaservices, we provide expert server optimization services to businesses regardless of size. Our comprehensive solutions include the entire process, from initial setup to ongoing maintenance, updates, and backup services to meet unique business needs.

24/7 Proactive Support

We are an efficient server service provider providing support in monitoring and managing the server 24/7. Our proactive approach ensures that your server infrastructure remains stable with no downtime. We maintain your system with all recommended patches, optimizing performance and security.

Complete Managed Support

Our comprehensive server management services cover all business needs, including a support desk, control over local and cloud servers, continuous error tracking, and complete log archiving. Additionally, we conduct regular server audits to optimize performance and enhance security.

Managed Network Services

Simplify your Network

Are you looking to simplify network complexity and enhance security? Our managed network services provide a reliable solution for handling environmental challenges with detailed analytics, reports, proactive monitoring, and security management.

End-to-End Service Package

At Yakkaservices, we provide complete end-to-end services to manage your business network infrastructure. Our experts perform deep analysis of your current network and create optimized processes for your business requirement. We take a holistic approach by considering your entire product life cycle to deliver a well-managed network that boosts the productivity of the overall network service.

Managed Firewall Services

Managed Security Services

Secure your organization’s IT infrastructure with our Firewall Management Service. Our managed security services include monitoring and managing your firewall, ensuring protection from cyber threats.

Security Polices

Protect your IT infrastructure from cyber threats and unauthorized access with our dedicated Firewall management services. Our experienced team ensures that your firewall policies are tailored to your business need and regularly updated to provide maximum protection.

Minimize Risk

We offer outstanding network security solutions, including 24/7 monitoring and firewall protection to secure the network against potential threats. Our efficient team conducts regular audits to minimize and manage any risks to your network

End-to-End Security

Are you looking for complete security for your IT infrastructure? Our expert team offers managed security services by handling everything from routine system operations to identifying and rectifying any security issues and optimizing your system’s security through continuous administration and maintenance.

Managed Database Services

Hyper Performance

We specialize in providing effective database management services that help businesses maintain and store their data effectively, enabling hyper-performance and overcoming challenges. Our team has extensive expertise in handling database systems, including MongoDB, MySQL, PostgreSQL, Maria, and many more.

Advanced Efficiency

At Yakkaservices, our expert team provides managed database services. We offer assistance with planning, designing, implementing, and maintaining your database infrastructure, leveraging advanced efficiency measures to streamline processes and maximize returns on investment.

Managed Application Services

Stay Up to Date with Changes

Boost your business growth by keeping up with the latest updates in modern business applications. Staying current with technological advancement can improve productivity, increase visibility, and attract new customers

Smooth Operations

Our application management service offers dedicated services to ensure your business runs smoothly with efficient and optimized applications. Our agile approach enables us to work closely with partners and customers, ensuring the peak performance of the application. 

Constant Support

Our expert team is committed to supporting your business by providing comprehensive troubleshooting, optimizing, and security for your applications. By doing so, we can help ensure that your daily operations run smoothly and efficiently.

Managed Endpoint Device Services

Complete Control over Devices

Empower your business with complete control over all your devices, including desktops, laptops, mobiles, tablets, printers, and more, through our managed device services. Our solution optimizes and manage all endpoint, boosting your business efficiency.

Unified End Point Management

Our endpoint management solution enables you to manage all your devices in one place, making it easy to enroll updates, fix patches, and minimize potential security threats.

Device Compliances

At Yakkaservices, we offer a wide range of endpoint device management services, including mobile device management, OS setup and maintenance, and software deployment. Our solutions are custom-made to align with your business’s endpoint device policies, ensuring optimal performance.

Managed Server Services

Ensure the full potential of your server computing technology with our excellent skill set of management of the server.

Yakkaservices help enterprises, medium or small business to setup and update their server to get more efficient from server technology. we will have a responsible plan to manage the storage, maintenance, and backup service for your server requirement.

As a remote server service provider, we monitor 24/7 and manage server proactively to make sure that server infrastructure is stable and healthy with almost no downtime. We also maintain the systems with all recommended patches to optimize the performance and security without any interference.

Our server management service includes Support desk, Control over both local and cloud server, continues error tracking and complete archive of logs, Regular auditing of server.

Managed Network Services

Simplify your network complexity with our secure and reliable network managed service.

Yakkaservices offers a complete end to end service package on managing business network infrastructure, with our dedicated professional engineers we first discover the existing network structure and define an optimized process for your business requirement. Once we develop a robust plan, we determine the product life cycle that run in same network and help to increase the efficiency of the overall network service.

Our network managed services designed to resolve and overcome the business network environment challenges by providing necessary analytics and report supported by our proactive monitoring and security management system.

Managed Firewall Services

Secure your IT infrastructure by our Firewall Management Service also known as managed security services.

We help to protect from all type of attacks and intrusion to your IT infrastructure network by establishing and maintaining the firewall policies of your business up to date.

Our team of experts will 24/7 monitor the network with firewall protection to secure the network and rapidly conduct firewall audit in a frequent interval to efficiently minimize and manage the risk.

Partnering with us for managed security services, we will ensure to completely take care about the end-to-end process your IT infrastructure with routine system of operations, rectify and optimize security with continues administration and maintenance.

Managed Database Services

We help your business to maintain and store the database effectively to hyper perform and overcome the challenges.

Our In-depth technical expertise with MongoDB, MySQL, PostgreSQL, Maria, and much more will lead your enterprise with robust management of database.

Yakkaservices as a managed database service provider our well skilled engineers are available for your help round the clock to Plan, Design and implement the database infrastructure in maintaining and monitoring operations. Also, with our advanced efficiency we streamline the process and increase the returns on investment.

Managed Application Services

Grow your business by staying up to date with changes in today’s business applications.

We know that business needs application to run daily operations. As an application management service provider, we work agile with our partners and customer to maintain and monitor peak performance of the application.

Our dedicate team will support and help in troubleshoot, Optimize and Secure the business application.

Managed Endpoint Device Services

Have complete control over business devices such as Desktops, Laptops, Mobiles, Tablets, Printers and many more endpoint device with our managed device service offerings.

Through unified end point management we manage all your devices at one place to enroll updates, fix patches and minimize and overcome the potential threats and security challenges.

Our wide range of endpoint device management services also covers mobile device management, OS Setup and Maintenance, and Software deployment across devices according to your business endpoint device policies.

Why Managed IT infrastructure Services?

Scalable and flexible

Safe and Secure

Increase in operational efficiency

Reduced workload for internal IT team

Avoid unexpected operational cost

One point management

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