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Managed Storage & Backup Services

Protect your business data with our expert storage and backup management solutions. We keep your sensitive information safe, ensuring your business grows continuously.

Robust Strategy to secure your business data

Yakkaservices is a trusted managed storage service partner, providing a robust strategy to secure your valuable business data from vulnerabilities. Enterprises with sensitive data and critical business information can rely on our efficient team and utilize the standard backup and recovery services customized to your business requirements.

Environment that we support

Why yakkaservices for Storage and backup management services ?

24/7 Monitoring and Alert

24/7 Risk Management

Tailor made Solution

Optimal Operational Cost

Responsible Backup and Recovery

Multi-vendor storage and backup support

Managed Storage Services

Analyze Storage Infrastructure

Designing an efficient and scalable storage infrastructure is essential for running a successful business. The initial step involves assessing the current storage requirement and gathering insight into desired storage infrastructure.

Optimize Managed Data

As a storage service provider, we offer comprehensive management and monitoring of your data storage infrastructure, including both on-premises disk storage and cloud storage data centers.

Managed Backup Services

Tailored Backup Plan

Our team of enterprise-level backup storage experts offers a custom backup plan that aligns with your business’s compliance requirements to safeguard your data.

Data Loss Prevention

At Yakkaservices, we know that protecting your business’s data is vital as it is the backbone of day-to-day operations. We offer an efficient backup and recovery service for your local premises and cloud-based solutions. Our dedicated team understands that losing data can have a disastrous impact on business operations. By partnering with us, you can be confident in maximizing the value of your data and minimizing the risk of loss.

Managed Disaster Recovery Service

Enterprise Level Recovery

We provide a disaster recovery plan that empowers your business to overcome potential impacts such as viruses, system crashes, ransomware attacks, and natural disasters. Our fully managed and monitored IT infrastructure solutions ensure your data and applications are secure and accessible 24/7.

Simplify Business Operation

As a recovery management service provider, we know the importance of your data and applications to your business. That’s why we offer a robust backup and recovery strategy to ensure you can continue business operations no matter what circumstances arise. Our experts use advanced technology to design and implement customized disaster recovery plans tailored to your business needs.

Managed Storage Services

First and foremost, is to identify on the existing storage requirement structure and then collecting and consulting on the expected and planning of the storage infrastructure. Weas your storage service provide manage and monitor your data storage infrastructure both on-premises disk storage infrastructure and Cloud storage data center.

Managed Backup Services

Our enterprise level backup storage management team will work on tailored backup plan for your business compliance. We make sure to have a perfect backup plan for both needs of local backup on business premises and remotely managed cloud backup at regular intervals that help us at any point of emergency because we understand that lose of crucial business data have a hardcore impact on the day-to-day process of work. By partnering with us you can maximize the value of managed backup, archive, and recovery with zero loss of your data be safe and secure.

Managed Disaster Recovery Service

With our enterprise level disaster recovery plan your business can easily rise against any viruses, crashes, ransomware, or any other natural disaster.

As a disaster recovery management service provider, we offer a robust strategy and disaster recovery configuration for backup and recovery of data at any unexpected circumstance with that you can relax and continue the daily business operation with the knowledge that yakkaservices is helping your business with its disaster recovery solutions and provides round the clock responsive alerts with fully managed and monitored IT infrastructure.

Reduced Cost

Saving cost by reducing transmission times.

Maximum uptime and zero risk failure

Satisfy all the computing requirements and can deliver their benefits for all clients.

Benefits of Managed Storage and Backup Services

Cost optimization

Single point accountability

Simplified data management

Anytime data recovery

Safe and Secure

Focus on business operation

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