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Managed Cloud Services

As a leading cloud service provider, we offer outstanding solutions to help global organizations maximize the benefits of developing and maintaining a robust cloud management system.

Connect with us to accelerate business to new heights with our managed cloud services.

At Yakkaservices, our experts assist businesses in making quick transitions to high-performing cloud services effortless. Our diverse cloud services enable enterprises to integrate fast-growing cloud technologies.

Looking to find an ideal cloud environment for your business? Cloud computing offers a range of the most appropriate cloud solutions for your organization, including public, private, hybrid, and multi-cloud services, to enjoy the benefits of cloud technology.

Cloud Services We Support

Yakkaservices have partnership with industry leading companies to bring best cloud platform experience.

Why Choose Us?

Get expert guidance and support from our highly skilled and certified professionals. We dedicate to providing top-notch support and ensuring client satisfaction.

24/7 Technical Support for Uninterrupted Business

Transparent Market Pricing for Clear Decisions

Comprehensive Business Solutions for all your Needs

Accelerate Your Success with a high-level Partnership.


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Cloud Consulting

Tailored Strategic Plan

Customize your cloud journey with our expert cloud consulting services. Our dedicated team will work with you to create a tailored cloud strategy that aligns with your business requirement.

Solid Recommendations

Accelerate your cloud journey to the next level with our experience consulting experts. Our team will gather a deep understanding of your business needs and the current cloud state. In doing so, we’ll provide you with practical recommendations, clear roadmaps, and compelling ROI analysis to support a solid cloud strategy.

Custom Cloud Framework

Enhance your Cloud performance with our tailored cloud framework. Our unique solution delivers a reliable solution to optimize cloud performance, minimize cost and deliver a seamless customer experience.

Discover Cloud Solution

Let our expert team guide you in choosing the apt Cloud Environment (Public, Private, Hybrid, or Multi-Cloud) for your business with ease. We will assist you in determining the ideal cloud type, including IaaS, PaaS, or SaaS, in fulfilling your business needs.

Our Partnership

Our Company has formed a strategic partnership with industry leaders, including Azure, AWS, GCP, and a few other reliable cloud service providers. It allows us to utilize comprehensive solutions from these service providers and find the right fit for your business

Cloud Implementation and Operation

Redefining Cloud Performance

Transform your cloud performance with our agile implementation and operational strategies. Our end-to-end cloud solutions support smooth business operations and optimized cloud operations management.

Seamless Service

Unlock the full potential of the cloud service with our streamlined implementation process. We provide reliable, efficient, and secure cloud solutions to help you update for the latest cloud service and stay ahead of the competition.

Cloud Migration

Flawless Cloud Migration

Optimize your business with our effortless cloud migration solution. In the rapidly evolving digital world, the advantage of cloud migration is crucial for companies looking to grow and seize new opportunities.

Zero Data Loss

Our dedicated teams specialize in smooth and seamless data migration solutions. We will analyze your existing setup and create a personalized migration strategy to guarantee a smooth migration with no data loss.

Cloud Architecture and Optimization

Robust Cloud Architecture

Maximize your business potential with our effective cloud architecture and optimization services. Our solutions are scalable, secure, reliable, and risk-free. We begin every project with a comprehensive discovery process for understanding the business objectives and requirements to develop a robust cloud architecture.

Continuous Monitoring & Optimization

Our expert team guarantees a smooth operation of your cloud infrastructure with ongoing monitoring and optimization, aligning with your implementation roadmap. Our comprehensive approach maximizes performance, minimizes downtime, and ensures the system enhances efficiency.

Cloud Security

World-Class Cloud Security

Protect your Cloud infrastructure with our world-class security and backup solutions. Our extreme security strategy offers a higher level of protection against targeted attacks, data breaches, leaks, and ransomware attacks.

Proactive Monitoring

Our expert team keeps your cloud infrastructure running smoothly and efficiently by using real-time proactive monitoring to avoid downtime and any other potential issues.

Cloud Consulting

Get your best tailored strategic plan for your cloud journey.

Our cloud consulting service will guide you through the process of consulting and developing a solid cloud strategy for your business needs.

Our consulting experts will start gathering your business requirement and will assess the current state of cloud.

We build a different framework foreach requirement by considering several aspects to optimize the performance and cost of cloud and make the customer experience seamless.

We help them to make decision on choosing their Cloud Environment (Public Cloud, Private Cloud, Hybrid Cloud or Multi Cloud) and Cloud Types (IaaS, PaaS, SaaS).

We have our strategic partnership with industry leader like Azure, AWS, GCP and several other cloud service providers so we can make use of any to our convenience.

We provide solid recommendations, roadmaps, and ROI for our cloud strategy.

Cloud Implementation and Operation

Redefining Cloud performance with agile implementation and operation.

For cloud operations management we suggest different types of end-to-end cloud operation solution for different needs in the business. Our team will provide agile process to implement the cloud in a more reliable, efficient, and secure format and we encourage enterprise by helping them to update to latest cloud service seamlessly.

Cloud Migration

Use our flawless cloud migration process to step up in your cloud compatibility.

In a fast-growing digital transformation era unleashing the cloud migration is an unexceptional for companies to scale up their opportunity.

We help them to move data from cloud to cloud or on-premises to cloud seamlessly. To ensure the perfect level of migration we analyze the existing setup and develop a strategic plan to execute the migration with zero data loss.

Cloud Architecture and Optimization

Gain more effective result with our Secure, Scalable, reliable, and risk-free Cloud architecture and optimization service.

We define unique solution by conducting the discovery to fin the strategic objective that helps your organization business needs by developing a robust cloud architecture.  We ensure with our expertise team to run the functional operating cloud infrastructure smoothly and we continuously monitor and optimize the systems according to the roadmap after implementation.

Cloud Security

Secure your cloud infrastructure with our extreme security strategy.

We provide world-class cloud security and backup services to keep your enterprise data in the modern cloud infrastructure against any targeted attacks, data breaches and leaks, and ransomware attacks. Our team will be proactively monitoring your cloud in real-time.

Benefits of Managed Cloud Services

Cost Efficient

Scalable and Flexible

Fast and Reliable

Safe and Secure

Maximum Uptime

Early Setup and Maintenance


Electrical and Civil building codes have adhered to the best manner.

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